Published Projects


All Content I have produced for everything I do, ranging from small python scripts to large Minecraft content.


McRep is the go-to service for viewing a player's Minecraft reputation. The service allows anyone to vote on any Minecraft profile.
You can view mcrep here.

Bauds Events

Bauds Events is an event server created for people to play the popular Minecraft game-mode ManHunt. I created plugins and helped setup the server's front end.

A Parkour Map

This Minecraft Map was converted from Java and reprogrammed for the Bedrock clients, which are written in c#. The map uses custom resources powered with command blocks to immerse the player.

The Unfair Series

These couple of Minecraft maps is where my content creation journey took flight. I recreated the popular Unfair Minecraft map series within the c# version of Minecraft Bedrock. With a partnership with NICO_THE_PRO we published three Unfair maps to the bedrock platform.

Hair Booking Webapp

This WebApp was created for my Computer Science course, it allows for a server to host a flask app that integrates with Google Calendar and a local sql database to save information on users bookings. This is my largest project sitting at over 1k lines long.

More Minecraft Content

I have published over 100 Pieces of Minecraft content, however some of these were private works, most of my content can be downloaded from my MCPEDL page.