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About Us

The BrineCrack Network has been a Minecraft server since Summer 2020. We have a loyal community that loves the survival game-mode. Using proxy software such as Geyser, we can allow gamers who play on mobile phones, games consoles and Computers to all play together in real time. 

Moderation Team

We are looking for moderators currently, some restrictions have been put in place to protect your data and the users. You will need to:

  • Age requirement of 13+
  • Good communication skills
  • Excellent reasoning skills
  • Be able to make decisions quickly, but effectively.
  • Be able to communicate well under pressure.

Donations Store

Within our donations store you can find a variety of perks and upgrades for you to enjoy within BrineCrack. For reading through this page you can get $2.50 off of your purchase using code WEB2020 at checkout. All purchases made go directly to helping the server stay alive. BEMZ could not host this server without donators. ❤️️

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We would love to say Hi and have a chat. Hours of survival entertainment await you!

  - Minecraft Version 1.8+
 Address to connect -

Bedrock: (Windows 10)
 - Latest Minecraft version
Server Address -
Server Port - 25600

 - Latest Minecraft version
Server Address -
Server Port - 25600

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